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PA Systems

Purple Rock’s IT services and equipment, including Public address systems and wireless services are the industry’s perfect solution for holding events, seminars, and meetings. As a leading PA system installation company, we provide a wide range of services to ensure a satisfying experience for you and your listeners.

Does Your Organization Need PA Systems?

Public address systems are highly needed equipment for all sorts of events and meetings. You can use a PA speaker system for a whole host of venues, like churches, schools, gyms, and anywhere you need to project sound to a large group of people. A PA system for outdoor events usually includes

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Microphones are used to translate sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals. A PA system for band and huge events requires powerful microphones to enable producers, performers, and speakers to project their voices with high quality and clarity.


An amplifier is an electronic device that will enhance the voltage, current, or power of electronic signals. A PA system for outdoor events often includes amplifiers to improve the transfer of sounds to the audience. Amplifiers are also common components of wireless communication tools and broadcasting equipment.


A loudspeaker or PA speaker system is an electroacoustic device that translates electrical audio signals into sounds. The PA speaker system is usually a core component of PA system equipment for events. A PA speaker system is also widely used in theaters, cinemas, concert halls, and performance spaces.


Public address systems usually include a mixer that converts sounds from audio sources like  instruments and CD players and combines them into one unified channel of audio. The main purpose of a mixer is to receive, combine, and process audio, but more advanced mixers have other features as well. You can use mixers at live concerts, recording studios, etc.

Audio playback

The audio playback system (or sound playback system) is a device used for audio engineering. These devices include four primary components: a media storage system (vinyl record, tape, CD, Flash Drive, etc.), an amplifier, a player/receiver, and a speaker that creates the sound waves that you hear.

Cables & Accessories

All the devices mentioned above need high-quality cables and accessories for the smooth operation and transmission of sounds and electrical signals. Using high-quality cables can be expensive but if you work with a PA system installation company, you can get a customized plan and only purchase what you need.

Signal Processors

Digital signal processors (such as equalizers, compressors, limiters, and more) are specialized audio processing equipment that will receive, process, and covert audio signals coming from a microphone or other transmission devices. Signal processors are responsible for enhancing the overall quality of sounds you create.

Benefits of PA Systems

While communication methods and devices have significantly evolved over the years, PA devices remain an important part of our everyday activities. You will see PA systems everywhere from company meetings to metro stations, cinemas, and other places. 

PA system installation is necessary if you want to ensure everybody receives your message without any trouble. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from installing PA system equipment for events:

  • Larger Group Communication
  • Clear Message Transmissions
  • High Safety
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Live or Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Low Budget
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Group Messaging
PA System Installation

How to Choose a Portable PA System

When you choose a PA system for band, you consider different factors than when you need a PA system for outdoor events. There are many variables that should be considered before you finalize the purchase, including the venue, audience size, surrounding environment, etc. But here are three main factors you should keep in mind when choosing a portable PA system:

Power Requirements

PA systems widely vary in terms of power requirement, volume, wattage, and coverage. You must consult with audio experts to help you analyze your operation needs based on the size of the venue, the number of audiences, and the place’s general characteristics (indoor/outdoor). PA systems always include an estimated power requirement for effective operation.

Battery Requirement

Most portable PA systems are battery-powered that are incredibly helpful when you have no access to alternative power sources. Moreover, you can set up portable PA systems anywhere with enough space. Although batteries give you more freedom and flexibility, regular power is a more reliable source in the long run.


Last but not least, budget is an essential factor in PA system installation. You must consider the costs of equipment, audio editing software, and device maintenance. If you don’t have an in-house team, you may hire audio engineers and expert technicians to help you with the events.

Get in Touch With Purple Rock Today!

Our Purple Rock experts have years of experience helping clients on providing PA systems for business, events, bands, etc. We pride ourselves on being a top-level Public Address Systems provider offering high-level performance at an affordable price for all small and large companies. Just get in touch, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Purple Rock for PA systems in Dubai?

We’re in the business of providing proven, effective services that get results, not chasing revenue at any cost. We offer PA system installation services using a team of experts who put quality above all else. What’s best is that this comes with a sensible price tag.

Our Approach

Our relationship with your company allows you access to our professional consultants, who are educated in offering expert consulting and deeply understand what you need. This collaboration will enable you to grow into a high-performing, cost-efficient, modern company. Also, we collaborate with our clients to find innovative operational strategies that use market-available technologies and operating models to boost performance while reducing costs. Through this relationship, we achieve a cheaper cost of ownership and boost the quality.

Better Client service

We are dedicated to providing excellent PA systems that go above and beyond what is anticipated. In various sectors, we concentrate on the demands and objectives of our customers. Our clients continue to do business with us because we value trust and build lasting partnerships. Our engineers are professional, committed, and knowledgeable, and they will be eager to answer all of your questions.

Business Expertise

Since we know how important our employees are to the success of our company, we only select the most intelligent, devoted candidates for Purple Rock. We exclusively work with seasoned, qualified professionals that have years of experience. We often provide ongoing training programs to our experts so they may keep up to date with the newest technologies.

Greater uptime

It is impossible to quantify the effects of downtime on your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. We know that, and that’s why with our services in PA systems, companies can allow customers to access them and their website with a single click without encountering roadblocks that will prevent them from making purchases and keep them from promoting their products.

 Frequently Asked Questions

A public address system is used to receive, process, and project sounds from instruments, voices, and other acoustic sources to the audience.

A full PA system typically costs between $1,000-$5,000.

Here are the top 10 PA systems in the world:

  • Bose S1 Pro & Sub2 Bundle
  • Yamaha DZR12
  • Peavey P1 BT
  • Electro-Voice Evolve 50M
  • Bose F1
  • JBL EON One Compact
  • Peavey Escort 6000
  • Bose L1
  • Yamaha StagePas 600BT

Generally speaking, a PA system installation company offers three types of PA systems: personal PA, medium PA, and full-size PA.

Yamaha DZR12, RCF EVOX JMIX8, and Bose L1 Compact system are some of the best PA systems in the market.

PA systems are used to broadcast sounds over a designated area.

PA speaker systems are widely used in weddings, conventions, speeches, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, bands, hospitals, airports, and shopping malls to call people’s attention and pass a message.

Speaker and microphone stands, mics, wireless body packs, audio receivers, protective covers, audio storage devices, CD & MP3 players, cables, and batteries are some of the essential accessories you need with your PA system.

The input transducer, amplifier, and output transducer are three requirements of PA system installation.

100-volt line or 70-volt line system indicates the maximum voltage in the system that determines the audio output signal.

Depending on the size of the venue, the specific equipment, and the number of people, a PA system might require 2,000 to 20,000 watts.

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